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My First Day

Charlet teacher

My Staff Photo

So Aug 2 was my first day. I got there super early so I could figure out what I’m doing. There are lots of books and curriculum I have to learn and figure out. Most of the classes I teach weren’t even covered in training. 😛 I’m not a main Kinder teacher I’m the “art teacher” hence the Understanding Art book I’m holding. I teach Arts and Crafts, Show and Tell, and Cartoon Network- which is the worst class. The students aren’t bad it’s the class, how am I suppose to teach and talk about ONE 15 minute cartoon episode each month!?!?! They’ve seen all the episodes and half the class loves it and the other half hates it.

I also have afternoon classes I teach mostly Post Kinder (meaning they went to Kindergarten at ECC) I also have Elementary age students and one class of Academy students (meaning they are in Middle school)

There are several levels of English books that YBM has:

The earliest are Happy Hearts and Wake Up (which I don’t teach)
English World(I also don’t teach)
Odyssey (I also don’t teach)

I only teach the Playground and Carnival level to the Elementary kids. Which is pretty easy. I did have a hard time teaching holidays. The book used a ton of American holidays that my class wasn’t familiar with at all. Thanksgiving was easy to explain because Korea has a Harvest Festival called Chu-seok which is similar. BUT try explaining Easter Sunday and what the Easter Bunny, colored eggs, and Christianity have to do with each other. Yeah that was weird….

Still just getting use to everything and find the level of my students. I’m tying to gage their intelligence, maturity, abilities, and likes. That’s the most important part in working with them.


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