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Korean Music

Tears of Heaven

Tears of Heaven

me by one of the giant displays

One of my kinder students gave his main teachers some tickets to a musical. Luckily for me, my co-teacher Makala couldn’t go so she gave the tickets to me. And free tickets to theatre, you think Charlet Ringwald is gonna pass that up?!?! However, to be honest, I was a little unsure about it, the tickets were all in Korean and the details I got were shaky. But it was at The National Theater of Korea so it sounded cool. The National Theater of Korea is nestled on the slope of Namsan Mountain and I’ve been dying to go. I found out that the musical stars a Kpop idol, Kim Junsu (or Xiah as he’s more widely known) and Brad Little a Broadway actor and a theatre super stars here in Asia. Once I found that out and realized what a big deal the show really was I was super excited!! And I’m so glad a little uncertainty didn’t prevent me from going because it was amazing! It was a great show: bittersweet love story, with fantastic singing and spectacular tech. You know a shows good when it has some tech tricks I can’t figure out. Even though most of it was in Korean they have giant screens with subtitles and along with what Korean I have learned and the acting, it was super easy to follow. Overall it was an amazing experience (that was free thanks again Makala!) and I hope when it goes to Broadway they keep it in Korean!!


Don’t be Fooled


Don’t let him charm you, he’s trouble! 😉 I’m nick-naming this handsome little boy “Squeaky” cause he LOVES to make high pitched sounds. He’s funny but a little trouble maker, what can he do, he’s six!

This was during a parent presentation a few weeks ago. One of my students, Jennifer, in A class (which is “baby class” because they are the youngest class at 4 years old) anyway Jennifer’s mom is a musician. She came with her friends and preformed a mini Korean concert for the kids. It was so fun and the kids had a great time. One of my favorite sounds is the “AHA” I know sound! This happened a lot and it was so cute. I posted some videos on my Facebook.