Photo Blog of Charlet's Post-Grad Antics

C is for…

My OSU Graduation Day

Charlet… it’s good enough for me! I’m a college grad from Oklahoma State University. I’m a half Filipina 20-something, from Oklahoma, USA. I started this blog to document my time spent in South Korea teaching English to kids. My boyfriend Chad and best friend Jamie are also working for the same company but different schools. I signed my contract to work for Sungbuk ECC which is a school in north central Seoul. The main company is YBM Education. If you’d like to know more about YBM Education check out their website.

Teaching is pretty fun but the best part is just living in Korea. It’s a completely different world than what we’re use to but at times it is exactly the same. The small apartments are just the same as living in the dorms. Bar life is just like “The Strip” in Stillwater too. But then you have Hangul everywhere and you feel 4 again because you can’t read. Also living in a big city is way different than any place in Oklahoma. At times I miss my car but I’m glad I can just hop on a bus or subway and get to where I want to go.

After a year in Seoul we’re staying for a second year. Chad’s still at another school but Jamie will be moving to my school this Fall. Also another friend from college has started a my school and my other best friend Kyle started at Chad’s school. We have a little Okie community now!

So a quick reference to me:

Charlet = Me

Chad = boyfriend

Jamie = bestfriend

Sunny = bestfriend (he’s Korean)

Kyle = bestfriend