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Lost in Translation: Sensō-ji


So after we got home we watch Lost in Translation. Great movie. Lots of the same feels in that movie when you go to another country. But the thing is in the movie they don’t make the best of their time there. Well until the part where they meet up and go out for the night. That’s what I think. The best thing is getting lost. That’s where the adventure lies… I wandered off to the next neighborhood from my hotel while Chad took a nap. I had enough yen to get there but I didn’t have enough for the train back. I also couldn’t find an ATM where my card would work to get more yen. So I decided to walk back to the hotel. Then it started to rain. Awesome. It was a fun 30 minute walk in the rain and dark. Tokyo doesn’t have as many street lights as Korea. But I did get some great pictures at the Sensō-ji.

This was the one non-geeky thing I did on the trip. This is Sensō-ji Main Hall. It is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo. It is Tokyo’s oldest temple, and one of its most significant. But you can read more about it on the Wikipedia page here.


Children’s Grand Park

So this was last weekend… Chad, Jamie and some of our co-workers went to the Children’s Grand Park. Beside it being a monsoon all over the park we had a great time… once it did stop raining. There was an amusement park, gardens, playgrounds, art gallery and even a zoo! The amusement park cost money and some attractions and shows cost some money but everything else is free.

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An Evening with Sunny

At "The Island" in Ilsan

So last night Sunny, our Korean friend, took Chad and I to one of the fanciest places we’d ever been! It’s this restaurant and bar in Ilsan called “The Island.” Which is owned by a former Korean actress who married some rich guy. They have these outdoor rooms on the patio that have huge benches that are filled with pillows. It was great cause it was pouring down rain and everything on the patio was so pretty. We had some Italian sparkling wine called Gancia and some great food. The restaurant is pretty famous I guess, they have filmed some Korean dramas there. We had a blast, Sunny is SUPER SUPER FUNNY! We laughed pretty much the whole time.

Chad and Sunny