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P is for Pikachu!

So as my last post showed we’ve been studying letters and making a craft for each letter. We reached P and I didn’t like a lot of the other crafts out there. P is for pirate is cool but a bit lost on my Korean students. P is for Parrot, but I couldn’t  get that many feathers in time. Pig and puzzle just bore me so what could really WOW my kids… and me…P is for Pikachu

P is for PikachuPikachu! Something they all know, love, and idolize! P is for Perfect! Well I know it says Pokemon, that’s a little mistake on my part printing out Pokemon instead of Pikachu, but I didn’t want to waste anymore paper and reprint the whole thing. Besides the only words my class can read is: I, a, can, is and, you.

No tutorials for P is for Pikachu so here is how I made mine.Pikachu by Ken Sugimori
First off, for those of you that live without  Pokémon , Pikachu is a rodent like Pokémon that is the main mascot for the Pokémon franchise and also one of the main representative of Nintendo’s cast of characters.

First, you need a P. For all my letters I have been using the uppercase letters and use’s list of letter coloring pages. You can also image search P letter coloring page.

Glue this to some thin cardboard (like a cereal box) and cut out for a reusable template. I also did the same with the tail and ear. I free handed both the tail and ear so sorry for no links for those. I guess you could find a picture of Pikachu and use those as a template.

P is for Pikachu parts

I used a 1 inch hole punch for the red cheek circles and black eye circles. Just used a regular hole punch for the whites of the eyes.

Color ears and tail and add a sideways 3 for a mouth. Now you have a fun way to teach P!

Here are some of my kids and their Pikachu!

Jack's PikachuJason's PikachuRyan's Pikachu Angelina's PikachuHenry's upside-down Pikachu


Trick or Treat!

Halloween in Seoul has been more… uh… celebrated this year than last, which makes me super happy. I say that because Halloween things are more available this year and there are more costume shops and Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts have been doing Halloween foods! I found the most amazing ice cream that taste like a pumpkin pie. I think Halloween is my favorite holiday, it’s all about dressing up and getting candy, two of my favorite things.

Here’s my costume this year, Chad was a  Pokémon Trainer and I was a pikachu.

At my school, we took the kids trick or treating to a couple of the kids homes and then YBM Head Quarters.

Then we played around at the school trading candy.

The afternoon was the same and it was pretty fun. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

31 Photos in 31 Days: Day 17

Day 17: Nothing really exciting today. I was bored so  took a picture of my newest Pokémon figure. This is tepig.

Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty This is a charm on my purse. Korea is so cool and full of cute things.

Here is a list of Top 5 Random Things I like to waste my money on:

Candy: I don’t think it’s a waste when it’s food. Candy is food.

Hello Kitty: What better place to fuel my addiction of cute things than moving to Asia!

Pokémon: If I can’t have real Pokémon I’ll get the next best thing, toys.

Stickers: I started getting stickers for my student… but I don’t like to share…. Now I have a shoe box full of rad stickers!

Stationary Supplies: My first big purchase that started this whole obsession was buying some Milky Gel Pens in the Tokyo Airport when I was 12 or so. Here I am over a decade later still buying more pens, paper and markers than I know what to do with. At least all the highlighters are scented!!

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Without Lights

With Lights

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree at Chad’s place. I decorated this one for us and then I decorated a pink one for my place. I thought this would be the one chance I get to decorate a tree pink with Hello Kitty. The white thing at the top is a little mobile that one of Chad’s students drew Pokémon on. Christmas trees are VERY cheap here but lights are expensive. Also I’ve had trouble finding large rolls of wrapping paper.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

We miss you and hope your holidays are merry and bright!!