Photo Blog of Charlet's Post-Grad Antics

31 Photos in 31 Days!

This website called is full of photo projects and challenges. This next one is for August and is a photo a day! Wow that sounds familiar….

As the website said: “It all starts TODAY! 31 Photos in 31 Days has begun for August 2011, so don’t forget to take 1 photo today, post it up on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blog or anywhere else you share your photos, and then post your link by clicking the ‘Click here to enter’ link below.”

Anyway I’m gonna try my best to do it! August is intensive for me at school which is the busiest time of the year! But what the hell, let’s do it. You should do it too. Then we can share pictures and it will be so much fun… don’t you think??

Farewell August! Here’s what we saw and did… accomplished a lot in only a month.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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