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A Day in the Life: October 22

A day in the life of a currently over-worked English teacher. We had a “seminar day” which my school used as a field trip day with the kinder students and their families!

7am Getting on the subway, the station is dead on a Saturday morning…

After eating some breakfast and waiting for the bus, the teachers arrived at the park that is nearby the mountain. All the fall colors came out to greet us.

Now we play the waiting game. I wandered around in the woods and found this pretty tree blanketing the trail.

The kids finally show up and they play a game with their families. They had to stack a pile of rocks as high as they can without it falling. You see little rock piles along trails in Korea when you’re hiking. They say if you add a rock to the pile and make a wish it will come true if the pile doesn’t fall; however, if the pile falls your wish and the other wishes won’t come true.

I was impressed by this rock stacking.

Mommy helps daughter count her stickers that she has won over the course of the day.

Alright teacher it’s time to go, she leads the way with her balloon.

After lunch and a long bus and subway ride, my friend Jamie and I head to the crowded streets of the toy market to find Halloween costumes.

It’s only 5pm but I’m sick and exhausted so this is the end of my day…

My wonderful boyfriend brought home some sandwiches for dinner and after a cup of Theraflu, I try to reclaim the sleep that was taken from me. Goodnight.


Seoraksan National Park:Geumganggul Cave

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We took the hotel manager’s advice and head towards Biseondael Rock. Once there we figured let’s go to Geumganggul Cave and drink from the spring how hard can it be. Well turns out it’s one of the hardest paths in the area!! And here we are, no hiking gear, lugging our overnight bags the whole way and unprepared as ever. We have never hiked like that before. But we made it. And what a sight.

Geumganggul Cave was inhabited by a Buddhist monk who wanted seclusion. His shine is still there. It’s a holy place and it was so surreal being there, it was out of a kung-fu movie. You look out from the cave and all you can see are clouds. There is a mountain spring there and it’s said that if you drink from it you’ll have a long life. There was even a monk living there in this tiny shack no bigger than a car build on the opening of the cave. They had pile rocks to the opening of the cave and built this little shack on it.

Once back down you could look up at what you accomplished. There are 3 peaks: Mirukbong, Hyungiaebong and Sunnyobong. According to a legend, a nymph cam down from heaven and was facinated by its scenic beauty. She had a good time and went back to her home. We had a good time and went back home too.