Photo Blog of Charlet's Post-Grad Antics

31 Photos in 31 Days: Day 5

   Day 5: So I had two great pictures to choose from today. I actually had a lot because I got some great shots of my students in craft class. But while walking home from dinner we saw this guy lying on the ground. Naturally we assumed he was drunk or something but then all the sudden here comes this dude on a bike and jumps over the guy on the ground. He starts doing these stunts and it was awesome!! I caught this picture right before the bike dude messed up and almost ran over the guy on the ground. They were there advertising for this new bar called Beer Pong.

It was the best way to end the week! Friday, awesome, I’ll take the back seat.
Did a little Photoshopping to this one. Gave it a grainy look enhanced the color a bit and changed the highlighting and shading. I hope you like it!


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