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Gyeonghui Palace: Palace of Serene Harmony

Sungjeongjeon Main Hall of Gyeonghui Palace

Gyeonghuigung or Gyeonghui Palace is one of the “Five Grand Palaces” of Seoul built by the Joseon Dynasty. It was built as a detached royal villa where the kings would stay during daily excursions and emergencies. Construction began in 1617 and finished in 1623. It was large enough that it connected to Deoksu Palace. Sadly, Gyeonghui Palace was destroyed during Japanese occupation of the early 20th century. In the 1980s the site was designated as Historical Site 271 and parts of the main palaces were rebuilt from historical descriptions, tablets and sketches; that’s what stands today.

Admission is free and it’s a great place to wander around. The recreated buildings are full of vibrant colors and beautiful Asian architecture. Right next to the palace park is an art museum and the Seoul Museum of History. There is also a walking tour between Gyeonghuigung and Deoksugung that I accidentally took that’s a beautiful little walk that parts don’t feel like you’re in present day Seoul.


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