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South Korea vs Honduras International Friendly

inside the stadium

Chad and I went to the South Korea vs Honduras soccer game last minute last Friday. We went with Chad’s co-teacher friends and it was a lot of fun. There was more food to buy this time and I was very excited about that! We also brought a lot of food with us too this time, we learned from the last game we went to that stadium food and drinks are very limited. They were checking bags at the gate, no outside alcohol, but Ciara snuck in some soju in her coat, awesome. It was stupidly cold too and it’s almost April! It was a fun game, Korea won 4-0!  The best part was tickets were so cheap and this was for an international friendly match. It only cost 20,000 won which is a little less than 20 bucks! This will be the last Korea match until August so we were really happy we went!


Here is a link to highlights:

South Korea vs Honduras Highlights – International Friendly Video


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