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The National Theater of Korea

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I hate how they spell theatre. Oh well, lost in translation I guess…. It was so cool to go to The National Theater of Korea. And it’s on Namsan Mountain. That is my favorite place in Seoul. It’s so peaceful and beautiful there. Even the air is fresher there. There are several different theatres there. There is the main hall named “Hae” that’s a proscenium stage and seats 1,563. Then there is  the small hall called “Dal” that is also proscenium and seats 427 and is home of the Changgeuk company. Then there is the KB Haneul Youth Theater which seats 732 is the very first domed theatre for the youth in Korea. Lastly there is the “Byeol” Studio theatre that seats about 100. There is also a museum for the performing arts too. Can’t wait to go see more theatre there!!


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