Photo Blog of Charlet's Post-Grad Antics

Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty This is a charm on my purse. Korea is so cool and full of cute things.

Here is a list of Top 5 Random Things I like to waste my money on:

Candy: I don’t think it’s a waste when it’s food. Candy is food.

Hello Kitty: What better place to fuel my addiction of cute things than moving to Asia!

Pokémon: If I can’t have real Pokémon I’ll get the next best thing, toys.

Stickers: I started getting stickers for my student… but I don’t like to share…. Now I have a shoe box full of rad stickers!

Stationary Supplies: My first big purchase that started this whole obsession was buying some Milky Gel Pens in the Tokyo Airport when I was 12 or so. Here I am over a decade later still buying more pens, paper and markers than I know what to do with. At least all the highlighters are scented!!


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