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K-League Championship

Fighting! FC Seoul!

“On Sunday, despite near- zero-degree weather, over 56,000 fans turned up at the Seoul World Cup stadium, setting a record for FC Seoul’s home attendance of more than 546,000 people in the 2010 season.” – Korea Herald

It’s cool to think we were one of those 56,000 fans! Chad, some co-teacher friends, and myself went to the K-League Championship on Sunday. We cheered for FC Seoul cause they’re the home team here and they were the underdog (I think). Chad and I have a soft spot for the underdogs. The game wasn’t as thrilling as most soccer matches, pretty sloppy at times but the spectacle of the event was cool. There was plenty of fireworks when a goal was scored and at the ending trophy ceremony. And it was at the World Cup Stadium which was pretty cool. Surprising to think that this stadium only seats 8,000 more than Boone Pickens Stadium. “The Boone” seats 60,218 while Seoul’s World Cup Stadium seats 68,476.

The events outside the stadium were cool, outdoor concert, tons of food and souvenir vendors and moon jumps and rock walls for kids.

The biggest let down was the food. This was the first sporting event I’d ever been to where you buy your food outside and bring it into the stadium. All they had to buy in the stadium was hot chocolate, hotdog things on a stick, dried squid and beer. So if you don’t like dried squid or beer you could stand in a line about a kilometer long and get a hotdog thing. Yeah no thanks. Next time I’m packing a lunch!


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