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“Love Locking” OKSTATE to the top of the Big 12 South

OSU fans are riding high and even half-way around the world, Chad and I got up this morning and watch the game. Haha Texas haha. That’s what you get for being greedy and causing trouble in the Big 12. As the saying goes “karma’s a bitch.”33-16 final score. First time to beat Texas in Austin since…ever. Now I like Texas because we share a common enemy but I’m getting pretty tired of Texas winning because they’re “Texas.” That’s like Bono winning for the biggest crap just because he’s Bono. (see South Park episode)

So Chad and I went to Namsan Mountain today (I had previously gone there with my co-teachers for a “seminar day” back in October) we put a love lock on the Love Trees outside of the N Seoul Tower. There are these large metal trees that are covered in locks with messages. We picked an orange heart and wrote this message:

Love Lock on the Love Tree

I’m proud to be an OSU Cowboy, to be an alum and to share my love of OSU with the person I love the most.

Go Pokes.


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