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Korean barbecue or gogi gui

charcoal grill that is built into the center of the table

Chad and I ate gogi gui all weekend long! It was so good and so fun!! Sunny, my Korean friend, took Chad, Jamie and me to a Korean barbecue place too. It was a fancy had tons of different lettuce to wrap the meat. They also had capsule toys machines there and I got some! I love Korea there are toys everywhere!! This is my kind of place 🙂 Chad and I went to a place called “Cow Luck” 3 times! Cow Luck, cows have awful luck! How morbid…. Sunny also took us to a coffee shop and I had what I assume is patbingsu. It was very refreshing and so tasty!!


One response

  1. BEN


    Good to know that you are in SEOUL & OK.

    Send e-mail w/pictures. Emailed pictures are better than Screen Captures.

    Take lot of pictures. Take care.


    July 26, 2010 at 3:02 am

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