Photo Blog of Charlet's Post-Grad Antics

Pepper-Roo, I Love You

So Chad and I finally got all of Pepper’s documents to bring him to South Korea! However we didn’t bring him, due to the heat. They won’t fly animals if it’s over a certain temperature. It’s for their safety. I would have had to wait and most likely miss my flight to Korea and be really delayed. I was heartbroken that I couldn’t bring him but he’s going to provide my mom company. Which is really great cause Pepper loves Mama and Mama loves Pepper.

So after getting an official health check for him and his rabies certificate, at the Oklahoma State University Vet Hospital and going to the USDA we left him at home in Enid. It’s better this way for now. Hopefully once we get some vacation time we can come home and bring him.


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