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Decorating Dilemma!

My perfume collection

I’ve been watching too much HGTV. As a former RA I understand how important it is to make your place feel like home (no matter how big or small.) The students that left after one semester usually never decorated their rooms, never made it feel like home so they would get home sick easily. I definitely want to make this new apartment home. So how to decorate a small studio apartment when you like too many styles…. I like the zen Asian style but that seems to be a bit overkill in Korea. I love the art deco style but that might be out of my price range and harder to find in Korea. I love the modern clean sleek style but that would feel too “magazine” and sterile and could make me feel home sick. I like the vintage 60s-80s style but again that might be harder to find in Korea. So what to do… I was thinking of something eclectic, something “halo-halo” if you will. I like so many things maybe something that is “organized clutter” might just work. I don’t know, any suggestions out there?!?!

Well I think I at least want to have:

Funky Clutter/Toys

Funky Accent Pillows

Bright Colors

Fairy Lights

Paper Lanterns

Photo Garland


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