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WORLD CUP: US vs England!

Red White & Blue

What an AMAZING DAY IN FOOTBALL!!!! Holy Crap!

South Korea beats Greece 2-0 and US tied England 1-1. Tim Howard you are my hero, I love him. Clint Dempsey you are beautiful and Robert Green- sucks to be you. If you watched the game I’m sure your heart stopped a few times like it did mine. I hope some, if not most, people understand the importance of this game. Here is just a quick run down of the stats:

In the 1950 World Cup, the United States won 1–0 against England in what is widely considered one of the greatest upsets in football history, England having recently beaten the rest of Europe 6–1 in an exhibition match. This is the one time that the US beat England in World Cup play. And has history would have it US has always lost when England scores first, not this time. Also the last time US won against England was 1993 in a friendly match. People didn’t except US to win or even tied. A tied is as good as a win!! If our team goes far this World Cup maybe it will change the mind of those would don’t care about US soccer. Maybe it will become as important as it is everywhere else in the world!!! Hopefully… someday…

If you missed the game don’t miss the next US vs Slovenia June 18 on ESPN. US has a great chance this year so support your team!!


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