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JABULANI: World Cup 2010!!

World Cup 2010 Replica Ball

So the World Cup is finally here! Only every four years an event comes around that stops the world and people of every nation come together to cheer for their team. (Well almost every nation) Come on US, we have a great chance to go all the way this year, please support your team!

Anyway can’t wait to see the first Group C Match England vs US! It will be on ABC, Saturday at 1:30 pm central time! Chad and I will be watching with our ball and cheer on:


the 11 Starters and the rest of the US Team!!!

Aside from the US team I’ll be watching and cheering on South Korea, Germany and Mexico. And watching and hoping France gets it’s ass whooped every game they play, stupid cheaters!! 😐 And I’ll also be wishing Ireland could have gone (they should have) and the Philippines (come on guys get your stuff together!!) I’ll be missing Kasey Keller’s shiny-brilliant-talented head this year as goalkeeper… but Tim Howard is my new shiny favorite!! OH AND Landon Donovan… if Chad and I have a son we’re naming him after Landon Donovan so he’ll be destined for excellence!

Scores for today:

South Africa and Mexico tied 1-1
France and Uruguay tied 0-0

So go watch some amazing soccer!


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